Welcome to the website of Parents for Inclusive Education (PIE).  We are a New York City based group of parents, advocates and professionals working to improve inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities in our public school system.  Formed in 1997, PIE is the only the only group in New York City dedicated solely to advocating for the inclusion of students with disabilities. We use a variety of advocacy tools to effectuate change within the NYC Department of Education

PIE maintains a listserv to keep members informed of our activities.  Our membership also meets a few times each school year to discuss initiatives, listen to guest speakers and provide parents an opportunity to meet one another to share stories and experiences.  New members are always welcome.

To join PIE’s listserv or receive more information about PIE, please email Jackie Okin Barney at: jaclyn@jaclynokinbarney.com.  In the meantime, take a look around our website to learn about some of our current projects and upcoming events.

To download PIE brochure to share with others click here.